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Linkage [2001/11/12]

Managing to round up all the ReCharge links out there.
Get some Links.

Boost Forums are UP! [2001/11/11]

Thats right Boost Forums for Marvel ReCharge is active!!
Enjoy! btw, I can't seem to get rid of that error, sorry.

1st Launch of BNI Project [2001/11/10]

Thats right, I did all this in one day using only Photoshop v5.02 (although I have v6.0) and EditPad Classic (Like Notepad). No pay-by-page DreamWeaver used, no Chinese text program used.
Happy birthday to Batteries Not Included!
Umm... Happy birthday to my mom as well!!
Don't forget its Rememberance Day tomorrow, Lest we forget.
  • Right column "ReCharge?"
  • Right column "Gateway"
  • Right column "Stats"
  • Left column "Chat on #ReCharge"
  • Finished some pics and bars
  • What I mean by pay-by-page is like, if you get paid by the page to do a website, fine use the lame-o DreamWeaver. But if you're gettin' paid-by-hour yea!! use Notepad! (Note: I am not getting paid or paying someone to make this site =P)

    Started BNI Project [2001/11/09]

    Ideas for title/banner at top. Incorporated Chinese text: "Powerful/Awesome", "No Limits", "Batteries Not Included" respectively. Side columns.