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The Proper Way to Make Cards [2001/12/16]
Introducing the proper way to make cards, Homemade. Because current Marvel ReCharge is a bit tame to my taste, I thought I'd spice it up a bit, make it look more professional/grown up like a real follow up to OverPower should be.

Made at home [2001/12/15]
New Magneto homemade ReCharge card.
Design updates:
  • Title Image
  • logo
  • Bar design and new Local Date/Time display
  • End graphic

  • Record Dates [2001/12/07]
    New page, Records of all the important ReCharge stuff. Also, please note the new ReCharge release date on the right, Dec. 31st. As twinz put, "Welcoming 2002 the MARVEL way!" but I would have welcomed it more if it was actually on time.

    WTF has happened to BNI? [2001/12/03]
    Apparantly for either 'Failure to follow our acceptable use policy,  going over the allotted bandwidth on your account  or multiple bounced emails' none of which I had actually done, BNI got fully deleted off of ProHosting.
    Happily serving your Marvel ReCharge needs, Batteries Not Included is back with a passion!

    Boost WebRing Up and ACTIVE [2001/11/27]

    First Marvel ReCharge WebRing: Boost WebRing now active and accepting websites!
    Find Out More!